Improve engagement, provide enhanced digital user journeys, create highly-converting campaigns

A truly-sophisticated marketing suite designed for charities

Akero is an easy to use marketing suite which allows organisations to create highly-engaging landing pages, nurture relationships and gain unparalleled insights into each of their individual audiences enabling them to make more informed marketing decisions as a result.

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The Challenge

  • Knowing the right approach to a variety of audiences can be problematic, and can result in an ineffective user journey
  • Data being spread across a number of teams can result in leads being lost and time and resources wasted
  • Difficulty knowing exactly where your leads are in the nurture process and what the most effective steps to take in order to encourage conversions
  • The effective use of technology for events and ensuring the channel shift from paper to digital doesn’t affect lead capture

What Akero can do for organisations:

  • Build effective landing pages to make it easy for donors and volunteers to give you their details and interact with your brand online across all devices
  • Understand and track the success of your marketing campaigns across all platforms in one single marketing suite
  • Email and text your leads by setting up automated campaigns based on previous activity
  • Capture data from potential leads at fundraising and awareness events either on or offline using the Event Capture tool

The Result?

  • Decrease in drop-out enquiries through using landing pages beautifully designed and easy to use
  • A decrease in unnecessary marketing expenditure due to knowing exactly what is working and what isn’t through our detailed analytics and reporting features
  • Highly-tailored, personalised and strategic automated campaigns that run in the background, so you focus on attracting new leads
  • A hassle-free, paperless experience and improved customer journey.

“In one month we received more enquiries than throughout the whole of 2012. Our digital advertising through Akero has played a significant role in attracting more people to adopt. This year we expect to find families for more children than we did in the two previous years combined. A great result.”

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