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Akero combines landing page design, marketing automation and lead generation tools with detailed tracking, analytics and an easy-to-use CRM.

Market-leading functionality enables marketers to generate more business as a result, improving their marketing ROI.

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Akero Create

So you’re ready to make your first campaign?

Create exciting, beautiful and high-converting landing pages in minutes, without investing in costly designers.

Using simple drag and drop forms and engaging templates, our creative suite allows you to easily design and build stand-alone competition, promotional or voucher-code pages, Facebook landing page or dynamic web-forms to embed directly in your own site.

Decrease lead qualifying time with pre-set rules on each of your form fields which then automatically categorises them into how cold, warm or hot the lead is with an overall score within the Akero CRM.

  • Build stunning landing pages and contact forms in seconds.
  • No more waiting on designers and development teams with our easy-to-use templates.
  • Edit and customise to fit your brand and style.

Akero Publish & Personalise

Creative work done. Publish your landing pages to the web, or Facebook with just one click! Our simple set up means you don’t need to get any developers involved in the marketing process, just direct your traffic to your published pages via an automatically generated tiny URL.

Our publishing checklist ensures you always go live with everything you need to track, capture and engage with your customers, including email and SMS auto-responders to both your leads and your sales-team.

  • Immerse your audience into your campaigns with Dynamic Text Replacement.
  • Publish everywhere - across social media, on your website or as a standalone microsite.
  • Built for mobile and optimised for all devices as standard.
  • Make updates to landing pages live with just one click.

Akero Capture

You’ve captured all those leads, now make your sales team more effective with lead scoring based on their relevance and interactions with your brand, and social media profiling.

Manage your leads with assignable statuses and track interactions with our CRM functionality. Contact your leads directly from Akero and monitor the activity of your sales team with our detailed activity log. You can also export and import leads to link them to your current systems. Use Akero to help strengthen marketing within your current sales setup.

  • Focus on quality prospects with automatic ranking of leads against their true value to your business.
  • See the pages your contact has visited, the forms they’ve submitted and the journey they take before and after conversion.
  • Automatically manage, action and contact prospects via email or SMS.
  • Integrate directly with your existing CRM and marketing tools.

Akero Pipeline Manager

Know exactly where each lead is within the sales funnel with our fully-integrated Opportunities and Tasks manager. Easily drag and drop contacts as they move across from initial contact to conversion.

*Exclusive feature to Akero True View.
  • Manage new leads and form submissions as you receive them
  • Manage potential sales in your pipeline. Track against a company and the contacts that will make it happen
  • Keep on track with a list of to-do items. Assign tasks to other members of your team. Associate a task with a contact, opportunity or project. Get notifications when the task deadline is approaching and make sure project deliverables are met.

Akero Automate

So you’ve started generating leads. Automate your workflows and send targeted, personalised, responses to your leads. Saving you time and effort whilst increasing engagement and sales... result!

Akero’s automation features have been designed to take your marketing campaigns to the next level. Once your workflows have been created your Akero system will take care of itself, giving you more time to spend on generating leads, and ultimately increasing conversion rates.

  • Easily build automated workflows, based on an expansive array of variables.
  • Use workflows to send targeted, and personalised responses to leads.
  • Achieve more with your integrations using automated assignment rules.

Akero Track

So now your campaign is live! Akero gives you all the tools you need to examine the success of your marketing efforts. Adjust your marketing efforts and improve your ROI in real-time based on the real results of your campaigns.

Akero can communicate directly with your Google Tag Manager, analytics and conversion rule setup, as well as any social media conversion tracking you may be using. Use our URL builder to create UTM parameters for each campaign by source, medium and name.

  • Manage conversion tags & ID’s to feedback directly into your chosen advertising platform.
  • Create UTM parameters to highlight specifically where your leads are coming from.
  • Google Tag Manager and Marin Tag ready.

Akero Analyse

Give yourself the edge by strengthening your data capabilities. Define your metrics and develop your plan to increase your ROI. Measure, manage and analyse your campaigns effectiveness and optimise your campaigns in real time.

Your analytics dashboard will give you real time data on your campaigns; monitor visits, unique visits, number of leads and conversion rates. Track activity by date, device and source. Even establish the geographical locations of your leads.

  • Instant knowledge of how your key marketing campaigns are performing
  • Create individual, downloadable and shareable dashboards for each of your campaigns
  • Everything you need in order to make more informed marketing decisions

Akero Integrates

Akero lets you easily connect the web apps and services you know and love, and in particular your marketing and CRM software; making it easier to automate the tedious and repetitive tasks we all dread.

We directly integrate with Salesforce and MS Dynamics CRM; opening up our richer features such as multi-part forms and marketing personalisation. Boost your marketing presence and lead generation without having to leave the comfort of your existing CRM.

Create one to one integrations with over 500 different apps without the need to write code or having to invest huge sums of money on development.

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