Net Natives Improve Client Campaign Performance – Case Study

Education sector’s top marketing agency uses Akero to improve client campaign performance by up to 1250%

Net Natives are the leading creative and digital marketing agency for the education sector. As experts in international student recruitment, the agency has worked with over 200 institutions around the world to help them recruit students from over 150 countries.


Optimising Advertising Campaigns in Real-Time

Net Natives helps leading institutions target, attract and engage key markets through strategic digital thinking and execution. The agency’s advertising division relies on Akero’s technology to improve clients’ advertising campaign performance by tracking individual responses against specific adverts, allowing advertising technicians to optimise campaigns in real time. Meanwhile, Net Natives’ clients can log in and monitor campaign performance, ROI and view

Net Natives’ Head of Global Advertising, Tom Setter, explains: “Akero is a completely invaluable tool to us. The team use it on a daily basis to track the source of leads from specific adverts and media, A/B test landing pages and call to actions, and track overall campaign performance.”

Increasing Conversions

The agency and its client base also utilise features such as the intuitive landing page and form builder to create a highly personalised experience for potential university students.

Akero’s automation functionality allows Net Natives to create seamless automated workflows depending on what action a potential student has performed ensuring they receive the most tailored and engaging experience possible.

The Results

By utilising Akero, Net Natives has improved client campaign performance by up to 1250%. The agency also enjoy 100% retention from clients using Akero.

Tom comments:

“Without Akero we wouldn’t have the control of our campaigns we need to affect performance and the ability to demonstrate a tangible ROI for our clients. It’s revolutionised our business and helped increase retention.”

The Stats that Speak for Themselves

100% Akero client retention

1250% improvement in campaign performance

Used by 100+ staff within the agency

12.5% average conversion rate

500% increase in year-on-year leads

Superb agency growth year-on-year

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