Orion Conversion Booster – Case Study

Automation, lead scoring and a nurture programme to boost conversions

Orion provide sustainable waste solutions in London through a number of environmentally friendly waste management services. But, in the UK’s capital, competition for these services is high.


The Marketing team at Orion needed a data driven, marketing performance software that would bring their Sales and Marketing teams together, streamline their follow up process and provide useful data to form the basis of a powerful lead nurture programme…

“Everything we do revolves around Akero”

Before Akero, Orion were using their existing CMS to capture lead data and manually assigning leads to their Sales team. Marketing had no way to easily segment the most relevant leads and the Sales teams were unable to prioritise their workflows – missing the chance to convert their hottest enquiries into customers.

Laura Warren, Digital Marketing Manager at Orion commented;

“But now with our Sales team on Akero and all our web forms replaced with Akero forms, the Sales team can respond within a couple of minutes!”

But, to engage and guide these prospective customers into paying customers Orion needed a more personalised enquiry process too.

Using the Dynamic Text Replacement function, Orion were able to create customised conversion messages on their quote forms.

By using the lead scoring feature, Orion set up parameters and workflows that automatically qualified the hottest leads and assigned them to the relevant Sales team member for follow-up.

Orion’s Sales team also use the lead scoring function to prioritise their workflow, creating custom pipelines to grow and manage the lifecycle of their prospects, from initial enquiry through to engaged customer.

“Akero has really helped us keep track of all of our leads and nurture them to ensure that none slip through the net. And now that our Sales team use Akero to track leads, our lead to customer conversions are way up!”

Since adopting Akero, Orion have seen an increase in lead generation, which has ultimately led to an increase in paying customers. In the long term Akero has helped the team at Orion use marketing automation to better effect; helping them send targeted messages to the right people, at the right time.