The 5 Easy Steps for Publishing Effective Content

3 min read

Remember the days when publishing content to the web was a hefty process, involving weeks of copy amends and design sign offs? We’re here to tell you how those days are long gone!

1. Pick your app

Being able to react instantly with a new campaign idea is a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal. Whether it’s creating a competition to get your audience engaged, using videos of the latest Korean dance trends or getting them excited about an upcoming event. It’s about picking the right app to get your message across.

2. Customise your app’s appearance

It’s important to make your app stand out. You want to customise the appearance of your app to fit with the app’s purpose, your branding or seasonal colours. The ability to completely control the look and feel of your app, from layout to fonts and colours. It should be no more difficult than starting with a professionally designed theme, then selecting options using simple controls and seeing the changes instantly.

3. Add content

What you see is what you should get! Just like editing a word document; typing content directly as it will appear in your live app. No more second guessing how the content you typed in a blank text area will actually look. And when it comes to images and media, uploading should be a snitch. Click an image, select the replacement image and done.

4. Publish to the web, Facebook and mobile devices

There is little point spending time up to this point if it is then hard to show the world the awesome app you’ve just created. Getting your app live for the world to see should be as simple as selecting the Facebook and microsite pages you wish to publish to.

5. Promote your hard easy work

Now that your app is online for the world to admire, it’s time to shout about it! Click a button to promote EVERYWHERE, including Facebook’s mobile news feed. Promotion should be a multi-pronged approach, utilising several social media channels to get your app viral!

How does Akero make these steps simple?

This five step process needs to be as painless as possible. Presenting you with a gallery of app possibilities and campaign ideas to get you started. Many of these tasks had previously been in the hands of a developer or designer. Not anymore! Everything is possible with the click of a button, giving you back complete control of your apps.

New apps can be created in a matter of minutes… leaving you that extra time to catch the latest superhero film!

But of course it was a little white lie to say that there are only five steps to success. A key-missing ingredient is analysis of how your app is performing. With this knowledge you can better target your audience and really take your online marketing to the next level! Luckily Akero makes this super simple too.