Akero announce Slate CRM integration

1 min read

Akero is pleased to announce our latest integration with Slate CRM. Designed and developed for US higher education admissions, Slate is trusted by more than 650 colleges and universities and encompasses CRM, outreach, online applications and online reading.

Many marketers use insights on student audience behaviors gained through tools such as Slate. Slate makes the enrollment processes at institutions smoother and more efficient but much of this data is focused on the application stage onwards, meaning there is often a lack of understanding about what has lead up to that application being generated.

Akero is used by hundreds of institutions on a global scale, and has captured hundreds of thousands of inquiries, providing institutions with access to data from first click all the way through to enrollment and every marketing touchpoint in between. Now, thanks to our latest integration, Slate users have this data at their fingertips and can manage students through the entire marketing funnel, from inquiry to enrollment and every stage in between.

Akero works with colleges and universities across the US and a number of their clients are already seeing the benefits.