What's on the Akero experts' radar (and should be on yours too)

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We’re bringing you a monthly round-up of news and updates from the digital advertising world to keep you on top of the latest developments, and make sure whatever’s on our radar, is on yours too.  

Instagram launches search-by-keyword

Users will now be able to search for Instagram posts not just through hashtags, but also by using keywords that appear in captions, raising the SEO potential of the platform for advertisers. There are still a few questions around how this will work - for example, will the results be exact-match only? Will AI be used to determine image content? We’re watching this space with eagle eyes.

Oberlo publishes key Facebook trends

The eCommerce platform has helpfully pulled together all the trends advertisers should be aware of as we head into 2021. So what have we learnt?

  • Video marketing grew 2.6% year-on-year in Q3 and is expected to keep growing.
  • Facebook groups continue to become more popular.
  • It’s expected that more consumers will be shopping through the platform in 2021.
  • The Facebook News Feed ad format remains the most effective form of advertising on the social media site.

Twitter is the latest to introduce a 24hr feature: the Fleet

Twitter’s new disappearing post feature sits along the top of the timeline in a row of Stories-like bubbles. Twitter hopes its temporary nature will reduce the pressure around Tweeting by allowing users to express more casual thoughts and opinions without worrying about likes and retweets. However, they have experienced several issues with the roll-out, with the platform crashing or the feature not working properly for many users. Are Fleets wired into your 2021 social plan yet?

Snap Inc. takes Voisey under its wing

Voisey has been described as ‘TikTok for music creation’ as it allows users to upload and record their own short tracks. Having recently acquired the app, Snap have not yet announced how they intend to use it. It’s possible they’ll incorporate it into their main Snapchat app, seizing a great opportunity to tap into the likely upcoming shift towards music creation on the back of the TikTok trend.

Google announces best practice for Black Friday advertising

Google have shared their thoughts on the best ways to approach Black Friday advertising, and what interests us most is that a lot of this advice can also be applied to Clearing - take a look at our blog taking you through the best practices for just that.

One top tip is to use a recurring URL rather than creating new URLs each year. This allows the URL to build link equity, something that can only accumulate over time, giving your page a greater chance of ranking in search results.

Google releases their final Chrome update of 2020

Boosting overall performance, the latest Chrome update includes improved tab management, with pages loading 7% faster, reducing the historical drain on battery life. Another feature is added functionality for the address bar - users will be able to use keywords like ‘clear history’ to take action directly from the bar.

Our experts are always keeping their ears to the ground, to ensure that our clients are up to date with the latest news and developments and maximising the channels they’re using to get results. If you would like to talk to an expert about what this means for your advertising plans in 2021, get in touch today.