Akero is evolving – an announcement to Akero users

4 min read

Akero has constantly evolved since our first data capture app in 2010. Our software was originally built to capture leads generated from marketing campaigns and to track the advert source against the leads generated, to improve the performance of your digital campaigns.

Since we launched the Software as a Service version, in 2014, we have continually updated our software in response to our clients’ needs to build on this original purpose.

In the latest version of the software you will be able to see the cost per lead, as well as a full integration with Google to show the specific advert which generated the lead.

All our clients will benefit from the ongoing upgrades included in their costs, including business intelligence reporting, completely editable landing pages and A/B testing on landing pages. This is just a taster of upcoming product developments all happening in the next 3 months.

Akero now have a team of over 20 people working full time on the software, dedicated teams of development, testing and customer support. All working to continue to develop and grow Akero and the sectors we serve.

With the latest version of Akero we can now tell you every bit of meaningful data you need when you generate leads through Akero;

  • Which advert generated your lead
  • The cost to generate the lead
  • The relevance and priority of your lead
  • Which emails or SMS did they open and engage with
  • Which social media channels they use
  • How influential they are on social media
  • Which pages of your website they have visited
  • What device they are using
  • Which of your events they have attended
  • Which stage of their decision making journey they are on

Akero will convert your prospects into engaged customers with tools that;

  • Personalise their experience, from personalised landing pages through to follow up emails
  • Track advertising campaign performance
  • Allocate them automatically to the right people in your team
  • Progress them automatically through the process based on their activity
  • Change their priority scoring automatically based on their activity
  • Send automatic marketing messages to them based on their activity

Akero is now full of features that will get better leads, faster:

  • Build beautiful landing pages and contact forms which are personalised to the individual
  • Track every element of marketing performance
  • Understand every data point that matters to convert better leads, faster
  • Automate your lead conversion
  • Identify priority leads and social media influencers at point of enquiry
  • Reporting built for detail and top level analysis
  • Seamless integration with current CRMs and other software
  • Built by marketers for marketers, simple to use and easy to deploy

The latest version of Akero will be launched on the 1st May 2017 and all existing users of the previous version, as a gesture of good faith, will be able to renew their licence to the new platform at a reduced price. We have price compared against all competitors and have found we will remain the most cost effective solution available.

Users of Akero Lite who decide not to upgrade will be able to continue to use the platform for a limited time only but will have the amount of leads restricted to 25. Your leads will be kept safe within the system so please do not worry and please call an Account Manager to discuss upgrading to Akero.

Whilst we are confident that all clients will want to take advantage of this offer, we are prepared that not all marketers will want to take a data driven approach to marketing performance and lead conversion. As such, if you have any ongoing concerns about your Akero account then please do not hesitate to contact our team.