Akero Personalisation—Dynamic Text Replacement

2 min read

Want to know how to reduce landing page bounce rates? Dynamic Text Replacement is the solution.

DTR automatically highlights select keywords on your landing page, to match to the specific keywords your visitor has used in their Google searches. This means that from source through to landing page, the message is constant and the experience personalised to each user.

What can dynamic text replacement do for you?

  • Time to get personal
    You can now add a personal touch to your landing page by using the visitor’s name. Engaging visitors through personal messaging will help improve your conversion rates.
  • One step ahead
    Impress your audience with automatically populated form fields with ‘known’ visitor data making their experience seamless.
  • Mail merge emails
    Pass user details from email marketing lists through to a landing page with a personalised greeting or messaging.
  • Be in the know
    When using DTR in conjunction with our existing URL tracking, you will have an even better understanding of where your leads have come from and what exactly it is that they are looking for. This in turn, will help you demonstrate tangible campaign ROI.

With Akero’s dynamic text replacement your campaigns are set for success. Providing a consistent marketing message with bespoke personalisation for each visitor.