Akero announces Unibuddy partnership

2 min read

You can now plug peer-to-peer campaigns into your marketing tech stack thanks to Akero’s new partnership with Unibuddy, the live student connection platform.

Akero gives you a complete view of your prospective students from first click on an advert, through to enrolment. Now, thanks to our partnership with Unibuddy, you can also track and view their interactions with your current students directly through Akero and in a single-customer view, and personalise their customer journey, with measurable outcomes. 

Track everything and convert more. Real-life endorsements boost conversion rates, and the results feed into the Akero tech stack to help improve advertising performance and increase conversions by up to 300%. 

Prospective students want to talk to someone like them who they feel they can trust. Unibuddy gives them real-time access to students and alumni to connect with and reassure them that your institution is the right one for them, while Akero allows you to track their journey and tailor your marketing messages to their needs.

Alex Calder, Head of Technology Solutions & Partnerships, Akero

89% of students said they felt more confident making a decision about university after speaking with peers via Unibuddy, so those who are in the ‘decision’ stage of the recruitment funnel can be nurtured through to conversion, using Unibuddy to encourage them towards submitting an application and, ultimately, enrolling.

We've seen the incredible impact that peer support has on student decision making. Now, universities can benefit from our partnership with Akero to help them measure the impact of their student ambassadors - and deliver the right support to their prospective students at the right time.

Diego Fanara, CEO and Co-Founder, Unibuddy

To find out more about Akero’s partnership with Unibuddy and to learn more about how it can help improve your recruitment marketing, get in touch with our experts today.