Personalisation Release

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Pioneering the future of advertising for your marketing campaign pages and forms.

How can marketers personalise user experiences in order to achieve higher conversion rates?

Easy. This month, as a result of our client’s feedback, we have been working on some great new additions to the Akero platform. This, along with the usual optimisation and design tweaks ensure your experience with Akero is the best that it can be.

The driving force for these new features is personalisation. Both Dynamic Text Replacement and Conditional Form Fields will become an essential part of your marketing campaigns. Sound like digital jargon? Read on for our simple definitions.

Advanced Personalisation / Dynamic Text Replacement (DTR)

Seeing a loss of engagement once somebody has ended up on your landing page? With DTR, information that is gathered during the original search, such as full name, will be transferred to the end destination providing a far more individual experience.

Personalised Forms / Conditional Form Fields

Do you struggle deciding on the fields to put in your form? Akero’s latest release enables you to display or hide specific fields dependent on the information users have entered. But why is this important? Personalisation is key to increasing engagement and conversion rates.

Our release includes so many more great features;

Custom Statuses

With custom statuses you can now add, delete and re-order the statuses that you give your leads during their onboarding process. No need to change the processes you already have in place, we are customisable!

URL Builder

We know things can get a bit complex when you add parameters to URL’s for your custom web-based or email ad campaigns. That’s why we’ve built the URL Builder to do it for you! Still not crystal clear? Give us a call and we’ll try our best to explain!

Global Lead Notifications

We have updated lead notifications so that all users on an account now receive notification emails, by default, for every single new lead that is captured. GREAT!

Improved Event Capture

All Capture event forms now start by asking the user to submit their email address. This will help to determine whether or not they have already signed up saving you and your attendees time.