Benchmarking: Going beyond industry standards with Akero

4 min read

Wouldn’t it be great to compare the data from your institution against other universities and colleges in order to help you identify areas of underperformance and build a plan of action?

Look no further, as we have created a benchmarking report which analyses the performance of Akero’s landing pages, forms, and emails against those in the FE & HE education sector. To measure progress, provide a target for actions, and allow your institution to consider potential issues that involve more than one department. As well celebrate the successes, and learn from what is going above and beyond benchmarking data, to have practices in place which other institutions might wish to emulate. 

Discover the full Akero benchmarking report for all the insight and join our webinar on 28 October at 3pm but in the meantime, here are a few of the top takeaways: 

Landing pages 

Without careful consideration, your landing page can soon become a Norman door; a door so poorly designed that you don’t know whether to push or pull. This concept can be used for a landing page which has been built in a way that makes it difficult for a user to identify what to do or the next steps to take. Keep your calls to action clear, and always include what the page is about, and why a visitor should care. This can have a direct impact on your conversions.

This approach drives everything we do within our landing page builder. Which is why the Akero Landing page conversion rate for HE is 14% higher than the industry average. And 25% higher when you look at Akero FE conversion rates. 


Forms are often subject to ‘Goldilocks syndrome’. Too long, and there’s a risk of deterring visitors from completing it. Too short, and you may not have all the information you need to qualify visitors as worthwhile leads and potential students. The form has to be just right.

And they have to be right for mobile too; 33.7% of Akero landing page visits have been made on a mobile phone in the last three months, with the number inevitably due to increase after the easing of nationwide lockdown restrictions.

But good news for our Akero users, most are created ‘just right’, as 80.6% of Akero forms are not abandoned. Some simple tricks are; simplify, device optimise and think carefully about what words you use.

Email open/clickthrough rates

Every student marketer wonders how their email open and clickthrough rates measure in the industry. We can help with that, and take it one step further. 

Overall, email open rates for Higher Education are around the 23% mark, but Akero email open rates are significantly higher than the industry average. Taking a closer look, we know email behaviour differs depending on the audience subgroup. 

In Akero, UG email open rates are 22% higher than the industry average and PG is 20.4% higher. When it comes to email open rate in colleges, you are looking at an impressive 32.2% improvement. CTR mirrors this success too, with emails sent in Akero seeing a 58% average increase against industry standards across the three student groups. 

Top tip? An email should be short and concise, with a limited number of CTAs to avoid confusion. Create a journey for your nurture communications and showcase your resources. If an email needs to be longer than usual, make it so that it can be read in both five seconds AND a minute. Highlight keywords, use bullet points, be creative. 

And there you have it, three elements to your recruitment strategy that really can make all the difference with just a few subtle tweaks, made simple in Akero. Get in touch today to find out more and don’t forget to join our webinar 3pm 28 October.