Call tracking: How to track your telephone conversions with Akero

3 min read

When it comes to advertising, conversions come in all shapes and sizes. Most commonly, you’ll see form submissions, applications and click throughs. But what if the conversion you’re looking to drive is a phone call? How can you attribute and track those conversions to your touchpoints?

Although 91% of marketers say that data and reporting are a vital element of their department, over 40% refer to their actual data and attribution as a ‘mess’. Without the right tech in place to track activity such as calls, institutions can face the challenge of huge blind spots in their reporting. So, how can institutions use call tracking to overcome this? Cue Akero… 

How does Akero’s call tracking integrate with my ads?

Each advertising tactic has a static number we assign to that ad. This number sits within your creative and is available for your student, or their parents, to call. When that call is made, our software tracks the activity against the tactic. But it doesn’t stop there. We record the length of the phone call, giving you further insight into the quality of the call generated by that particular activity. 

Sure, you can track the ‘call now’ button that may reveal a phone number to call, but you won’t know if that student has actually taken the step and made the call. Akero provides the final piece of the puzzle in your conversion journey. 

Call tracking should quickly become a key player in your repertoire for gaining insight into your advertising. Allowing you to attribute the ROI to your social and direct media campaigns, looking beyond engagement and more towards conversions.

What if we’re generating calls via our website?

That’s not a problem for Akero. Take the example of your Clearing campaigns, where your landing page is designed to encourage a student to pick up the phone and apply. With every desired action, there needs to be a way of tracking its success. And that’s where call tracking comes in. 

With call tracking, a dynamic number is assigned when a new student lands on your site. When they call your institution to discuss Clearing, we can track the individual phone call allocated to that dynamic number. This then feeds the tracking information into your touchpoint’s journey. 

But what if someone comes back to the page, will they get a different number and therefore disjoint the data we’ve collected on them? 

The answer is no. With Akero, rest assured there won’t be any data skewing. By using cookies to track a student’s session on your website, the system notices when the same person returns to your page, displaying the same number. That means your Clearing student’s data won’t be confused with that of another student. 

Moving students through the funnel is all about tracking conversions and nurturing your touchpoints, and it all starts with data. Call tracking is another tool that will enable your institution to gain full visibility of the funnel, mapping each point of contact between yourself and your students. 

Sounds good? Get in touch with our Akero experts to implement call tracking today.