You know it’s important, and everyone’s talking about it: data should be used to inform creative and ensure you truly understand your clients’ audiences. In turn giving you confidence that the campaigns you are running are working their hardest on behalf of your clients.

Using data to see results is crucial. It’s not only important to prove the good work you’re doing, but also to enable your agency to continuously improve what you do; every campaign gives the opportunity to learn.

Here are our top tips for how agencies can use data to inform creative and create meaningful engagement as a result.

What does good look like?

Having an idea of what performs well for particular sectors is key, and a history of performance data is also valuable. Of course, you don’t want to stifle creativity so using your agency’s creative expertise as a first port of call and then backing up those opinions with data is a good approach to take.

If your agency doesn’t have access to historical performance data there’s still lots you can do to ensure your creative converts. KPIs should form part of the brief and the campaign should have clear goals and objectives. The likelihood is there may be an overall campaign objective or goal with some micro conversions along the way. For example, an overall objective of a campaign would be to recruit students to an institution but along the way a potential student might download a pdf, submit an enquiry etc etc.

The most useful metrics depend on the goals that are established at the start, and your agency should optimise every campaign towards them. So where click-through rates are a good starting point and something good results are seen, you can dig a little deeper, making sure meaningful engagement exists too. Conversions are the most important benchmark for success.

The beauty of Akero is that it gives you as much data as you need to make informed decisions based on things like A/B testing, click tracking and real-time reporting. So, rather going through various platforms, pulling reports and trying to piece it all together, Akero gives a simplified but holistic view of all campaign data to enable a true view of what’s going on with client campaigns. This means that if campaigns are not going to plan and perhaps KPIs and conversion numbers are not going to be hit, they can easily be tweaked accordingly. Running a revised version of the campaign in tandem as a split test can be a great way to gauge the impact of any differences and implement changes accordingly.

It’s important to create, review and refine continuously and it shouldn’t stop once the campaign client has signed off and the campaign is live; make sure you use software like Akero to continuously monitor click-through rates, conversions and overall campaign performance.

At the beginning 2018 there was talk about how Google Chrome’s built-in ad blocker would impact creative and how as a result, brands would need better creative. The jury’s still out on the impact of this update but, regardless of it, isn’t more informed creative the best way forward?