Connect Apps, Automate Tasks and get more from data.

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Akero v1.6 lets you easily connect the web apps you know and love, and in particular your Marketing and CRM Software, making it easy to automate the tedious repetitive tasks we all dread. In Akero you can now create unique one to one integrations without the need to write code or having to invest huge sums of money into development. Request the integrations you need, from a pool of over 400, and we will be in touch to help your set up.


Search from over 400+ apps in the library and find the ones that you use.


Connect the apps you use to easily move data between them.


Use event-based automation to avoid repetitive tasks.

The possibilities are limitless so to help get you started here are a few use cases that the Akero team have already set up and are using successfully to save time and improve internal processes:

Add new Akero leads to Mailchimp list

Automatically add Akero contacts to a Mailchimp list

Create new Salesforce contacts from Akero leads

Create Salesforce leads from all new Akero leads captured