Getting it right with conscious advertising: Akero Student Marketplace

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When you consider the greatest villains in the Climate Crisis, it’s the air travel and oil companies, the next-day Amazon warehouses and industrial farming industries who usually take the blame. 

But did you know that a typical online ad campaign emits 5.4 tonnes of carbon dioxide – coming in at a shocking 43% of the average annual carbon footprint for a person in the UK?

In simple words, as an industry, we’ve got to do better. 

As part of our journey towards becoming more environmentally and socially conscious, we’ve partnered with One Tree Planted, the world’s tree planting charity, to ensure that advertising to the Akero Student MarketPlace is part of the solution.

Akero is the only student advertising product that contributes to various sustainability projects across the world. And, as well as monitoring your campaigns through Akero, you’ll be able to track the projects you help support at any time within your live dashboards. 

Your advertising will work towards restoring the Atlantic forest and endangered habitats in Brazil, improving livelihoods and ecosystems in Indonesia, rebuilding communities affected by the Australian 2019 wildfires and restoring critical habitat in Romania in the Carpathian mountains.

One Tree Planted is thankful for the support of Akero which will help reforestation efforts all over the world. Every tree planted as a result of this partnership will have a positive global impact for nature and biodiversity. - Matt Hill - Chief Environmental Evangelist 

Matt Hill - Chief Environmental Evangelist, One Tree Planted

These are real stories with real impact that you can go on to tell your students, internal teams and stakeholders about the ways your institution is helping the planet. We all talk about doing more, but with the Student MarketPlace, you actually can.  

We’re really excited about Akero’s partnership with One Tree Planted - the digital advertising industry is causing its share of damage to the environment and we want to stand up and make a real difference. The projects we’re supporting through the Student MarketPlace will help to offset the damage done and work towards making the advertising industry more sustainable.”

Steve Evans, CEO, Akero

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*Image credit: One Tree Planted