Introducing Akero EA (Enrolment Attribution): The ultimate tool for student marketers that works seamlessly with all CRMs

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In a recent survey of Education Marketing Directors by Times Higher Education, ‘tracking marketing spend to enrolment’ was the number one challenge shared by all global respondents. 

There hasn’t been a solution to solve this perennial challenge. 

Until now...

Akero Enrolment Attribution (EA) attributes every application and enrolment back to the original advertising message and media that first got your student’s attention. Meaning you can finally get the ultimate understanding of your return on investment that’s been needed for so long.

Akero EA seamlessly integrates into all open student CRMs (Slate, Hubspot, Salesforce, MS Dynamics and many more) with Akero advertising data, and it segments applications and enrolments into media channels to visualise full-funnel reporting on a channel-by-channel basis. Allowing you to make real-time, informed budgeting decisions that improve your advertising and enrolment performance. 

And, with this data at your fingertips, you can optimise real-time advertising against the one true metric of success - true cost per application and enrolment for each advertising channel and message.

The journey from seeing an advert to enrolling at an institution is complex and hidden across many unconnected systems and processes. Akero's Enrolment Attribution is the map that shows how these systems come together. It allows marketers to not only track the marketing spend through to enrolment, but also to understand the impact every touchpoint is having on that vital end goal.

Alex Calder - Akero, Head of Product

Through using Akero EA to understand your true cost per application and enrolment, you can optimise your marketing strategy towards the channels that are generating most applications, allowing you to make the most of your marketing budget and achieve your enrolment targets.

Moreover, by having full visibility of the recruitment funnel for each channel, you can identify bottlenecks within every stage, allowing you to make optimisations to increase conversion rate through the entire funnel, track campaign performance and improve ROI.