Akero’s Event Capture Registration App Receives a Major Upgrade

3 min read

Capture even more leads offline, personalise follow up, and have more control over your event marketing.

More and more professionals are using events to generate interest and awareness around their brand. They are turning to event capture apps to effectively manage guest lists and create personalised journeys for their leads after the events. 

Why use Event Registration apps?

  • Smarter guest list management – Akero’s Event Capture app provides everything you need for a paperless, hassle-free registration and a great first impression.
  • Forms without coding – quickly create striking web forms that can  be embedded into your own website or used within Akero across multiple devices. Pre-register event attendees online, increase  attendance and promote your event across all online and social channels.
  • Next-level automated marketing – automatically trigger email communications when leads sign up or attend your events using unique personalisation features.
  • Enjoy offline use – Akero syncs digital to physical by capturing offline event data. You won’t need wifi, 4G or any other internet connection.

Already using the Akero Event Registration App?

  • Capture more leads while offline with faster capture and importing speeds.
  • Even less network data needed to import leads – the app simply pulls the minimal amount of data required.
  • Greater synchronisation power over your events thanks to the new per event sync button, improving speed and convenience.
  • Improved visibility of your online/offline status within the app.
  • Greater personalisation for your visitors – certain form fields will be hidden from your visitor if they have previously provided the form field data, saving time for both the organiser and the visitor.

We’ve also given users more control over when to upload and import leads. When the event is first downloaded to the device it will import leads at the same time, then from that point onwards importing leads will be through the  “download data” button. Your leads will still automatically be uploaded every five minutes, but you can press “upload data” to upload at any time.

Yes the old app will still work and function as normal. Users will be prompted that a new version is available, but you do not have to update straight away if you’re half way through an event.

How do I update the app to get the latest version?

Normally the app is updated automatically but since the new version has substantial changes, a fresh install is required.  Simply go to the install URL and install the app to your home screen.  You are then free to remove the old app from your device, provided you are happy it is has been synchronised.

Will I lose any data?

No. Providing any outstanding events have been synchronised before the new app is installed then no data will be lost.  There is a data recovery option available to backup the data stored on the device to Net Natives’ servers for recovery.

Is my device still supported?

Yes we haven’t made any changes to device support.

Why do I need the new app?

We don’t want you to miss out on the improvements we have made which have resulted in speed, data usage and reliability improvements.  It is also designed to work with our new Contacts Workflow.