Feature Focus: Drag & Drop Editor

2 min read

As the team member responsible for creating landing pages for our own marketing campaigns, I am incredibly excited to unveil our brand new (and my all-time favourite) feature of Akero. The Drag & Drop Editor.

In response to user feedback, our trusty Landing Page Builder has been upgraded with state-of-the-art drag and drop functionality, making it easier than ever before to build stunning landing pages. With hundreds of content blocks, fonts, buttons and colours to play with, it’s never been easier to bring your creativity to life.

Our old Landing Page Builder was great (and is still available to use, for those of you who might prefer a bit of creative guidance) but being restricted by pre-built templates could obstruct creative vision and dictate content.

The endless combinations that can now be created give us, the marketers, full flexibility and creative control – without any coding knowledge whatsoever.

Mobile matters

Google reports that 66% of people now access the internet more often on mobile than on desktop. With all these prospects viewing you on mobile, why leave responsive design to chance?

The old Akero pages would automatically adjust into a mobile-friendly format, but this wouldn’t necessarily be the way you would choose. Now, our Landing Page Builder allows you to create a separate design to display on mobile – so that you’re in complete control of your brand visibility.

Quick forms

We have also added form templates to the system for you to quickly import into your landing page, giving you more time to get your artistic juices flowing on the page design.

The templates include the necessary fields for ten of the most popular form types such as general enquiries, competitions and newsletter subscriptions.

Getting the landing page right is key to any successful marketing campaign so when we received user feedback mentioning the limitations of the previous editor, we wanted to build something which would allow marketers to design and create exactly what they wanted, with no limits. We came up with the blocks concept, which makes it quick and easy for users to build a page as short or as long as they wish, whilst making sure each section looks great on all devices. Each block is editable which is great because the user will be focused on the section they are editing, and it will make the Editor far more streamlined.

Jamie Lovelace, Senior Front End Developer, Akero