New in Akero: Funnel Reporting

3 min read

Why would anyone want to be using up time, money and resources on marketing campaigns that aren’t actually all that effective? The answer is, no one would. This is why having visibility of your entire recruitment and marketing funnel is so critical. It gives you the ability to see what is worthwhile and successful, and what other campaigns aren’t so much.

This is why Akero is so excited to announce the latest feature in the platform: Funnel Reporting. 

Here’s what you can expect: 

  • Headline figures: Keep a check of your Cost per Lead, Cost per Application and Cost per Enrollment across all your campaigns

  • Funnel efficiencies by platform: See how your CPL, CPA and CPE changes over time on a platform-by-platform basis

  • Overall performance by platform: Understand which platforms are generating the most leads, applications and enrollments for you

  • Tactic breakdown: Dive into the tactics relevant to a chosen platform to see if some are performing above or below your platform average
  • Filter by date, platform or tactic: Select specific time periods, platforms or even individual tactics to see performance

  • Comparison: Investigate how your prior or target CPL, CPA or CPE differs from your current figures

And how does this help you improve your advertising?

Well, you’ll be able to understand which platforms are working best for you at different points of your funnel. As well as seeing how different platforms might be better suited to your advertising at different times of year. 

Funnel reporting will also enable you to make better decisions across your landing pages and forms. As you’ll be able to check if your platform efficiencies are what you expect. And if not, dig down to see if there are obvious discrepancies that might be a result of your landing pages or forms. 

First-party data has never been more important with the world slowly but surely saying goodbye to cookies. Understanding your funnel and the students that filter through it is pivotal to optimizing your marketing activity and making your budget stretch even further. What’s more, all the data you collect here can be integrated into your existing CRM systems through Akero’s many two-way integrations. Capture the data using Akero’s landing pages and forms, understand and collate it using Funnel Reporting, link it to your CRM systems, and then feed the insights into your content creation, understanding what and where works best. 

Sounds good, right? See for yourself. Get in touch today