Increasing Quality Leads with By the Bridge with Cambian

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With the help of Net Natives and Akero, By the Bridge with Cambian has generated almost 1500 leads, over 50,000 unique visits and an invaluable understanding of their multiple audiences.

Net Natives, the specialist digital agency behind the creation of Akero, have been working with By the Bridge with Cambian, a fostering organisation, since December 2015 to help them improve the relevancy of their campaigns to each key audience segment as well as the quality of the leads they generate.

With Google Search at the centre of the By the Bridge with Cambian strategy, supported by social campaigns to reach those not yet searching, they needed landing pages that catered to a diverse audience. This audience was made up of different types of people, with different concerns and motivations to foster, all coming from a variety of sources, both on- and offline.

By ensuring each landing page was sensitive to the person viewing it, and what they needed to know, each landing page was highly optimised to generating the most important thing – an enquiry about becoming a foster parent.

Team resource and time are extremely important within fostering organisations. What was integral to the success of this multi-platform campaign was ensuring leads were being qualified at the very first step – the enquiry form on each landing page – so that significant time could be saved by the enquiry management team when holding initial telephone conversations with each lead.

Added flexibility through Conditional & Second Part Forms

This was achieved by implementing conditional forms in order to provide faster lead qualifying for the team. There are certain necessary criteria in order to foster, but being wary of missing out on contact data from someone who may be suitable a little while down the line was also a key consideration.

So, with Akero’s conditional form fields, a question was added to the secondary form that would provide the enquiry management team with extra insight into the lead’s present suitability, whilst still gaining their contact data for follow-up messages when they may be more suitable in the future.

The result? More relevant market research for By the Bridge with Cambian and time saved working with leads that did not immediately qualify.

Akero has been a helpful platform for us to collate all of our digital leads in one place. Some useful features for us include being able to prioritise leads based on whether they’ve completed the whole form, or those that have read the automatic reply they get after enquiring. The team also use the functionality where they can assign leads to a member of staff to ensure that all leads are dealt with in a timely manner.

Natasha Milsted, one part of the excellent team at By the Bridge with Cambian

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