Lead Heat Categorisation & Automatic Scoring

2 min read

Using Akero, lead data from forms will now be automatically scored and placed in heat categorisation based on their strength, improving efficiency and productivity for sales and marketing teams on a daily basis

The welcome addition promises to simplify the process of qualifying leads – eliminating timely administrative tasks from sales and marketing teams everywhere, meaning more time to focus on those all-important next steps within the nurturing strategy.

Automatic lead scoring explained

According to one industry study, a surprising 79% of marketers have not established lead scoring within their lead generation strategy. Using the Akero True View CRM/Marketing Suite, marketers will now be able to set rules against completed form fields and certain interactions to determine an overall lead score.

What are the advantages?

  • Save time on manually scoring leads by creating rules based on data provided within form fields on your website
  • Instantly view hot, warm, tepid and cold leads, so that you can effectively prioritise leads within your nurturing process
  • Provides marketers with information on which landing pages are generating the most quality leads, so that they can make better-informed marketing decisions

We decided to add the new lead scoring and heat categorisation feature to provide businesses a holistic view of their marketing efforts – manually qualifying leads every time they come in can be a long and tedious task, but by setting conditions for when a lead submits data via a form, this task is instantly eliminated from teams. As a result, processes are simplified and streamlined, creating a smooth and consistent experience for teams every time

Luke Kirkpatrick, Director of Technology at Akero