Let’s talk about support retainers

Let’s talk about support retainers. Often an afterthought, something put to the back of the pile while purchasing new software or renewing for another year, but what are the actual benefits of a support retainer?

Support retainers may come across as something unnecessary, but when carried out correctly, it can be so vital in you achieving your goals.

We’ve compiled some benefits and tips below on how to get the most out of your support package. 

  1. Allow your Customer Success team to understand your institution’s issues, goals and plans for the future.
    When you purchase a support retainer through Akero, you’ll have direct access to our Customer Success team who are on hand to gain an understanding of your goals and KPIs for the year. From there, they will be able to advise you on how to utilise Akero to the best of your ability, really driving results throughout your licence. 
  2. Have a direct input on product development.
    Having more interaction with our Customer Success team will give you a voice into what goes into the system. Coupled with your CSM’s understanding of your institution, we can begin to build out the perfect system for you.   
  3. Have access to phone support.
    It happens with everything, trying to complete a task and just not quite knowing how to do it. With a support retainer, you can book in the time to speak to our support team and even use your retainer hours for us to do it for you!
  4. More cost-effective.
    Purchasing your time in advance is often much cheaper than on an ad-hoc basis. We discount up to 25% off if a retainer is purchased compared to bought ad-hoc. 
  5. Long term partnerships are key for optimisation and experimentation.
    When you sign off your support retainer, you instantly gain a trusted advisor. This means all of the calls, projects and email form a partnership that is geared towards optimisation and experimentation.

Keep your eye out for some case studies of retainer clients we’ve worked within the next few weeks.

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