Import Lead Data Directly into Akero with our New Lead Import Feature

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You can now import lead data directly into Akero with our new lead import feature.

Use lead import to grow your guest list for capture events, or to view social profile information for leads and even contact all leads via automated email and SMS marketing.

You no longer have to worry about the laborious chore of taking individual lead data from one platform to another. Not only can you import your data into Akero now but you can mass import with one click.

What are the benefits with Lead Import?…
Save time with batch lead upload

You will now be able to migrate your existing lead data into Akero at the click of a button. Take advantage of all the advanced features the platform has to offer. You can now simply and easily upload data collected via other channels for future use in Akero campaigns.

Once imported into Akero, leads will automatically be populated with a social profile and demographic data giving you a 360 view of your leads and audience.

Take advantage of event capture with additional lead data

Grow your guest lists for events, easily set up self-service check in and registration using mobile devices and convert your online data for use offline. Akero capture and lead import will revolutionise your events.

Import and manage your leads and streamline your lead nurturing process by making the most of automated email and SMS communications.


If you want to know the finer technical details about how this will work for you, then get in touch.

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