Our top webinar takeaways: How Akero can support you through COVID-19

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On Wednesday 18 March, three of our Technology Solution team experts sat down in their separate home offices and hosted the first (of many) fireside chats around the new developments that will impact the sector and how the Akero tech stack can support you during the COVID-19 pandemic.

For those of you who couldn’t join live on Wednesday, you can still catch up on-demand now, and while you’re here, read on to find out our hosts Alex, Alex and Julian’s top takeaways from their discussion. 

Make sure you stay up to date with what students are thinking - our partners at Student Hut will be running regular polls over the next few months to understand their anxieties and concerns. Then use this insight to create reassuring guidance and content on your Akero landing pages.

Alex Calder, Head of Technology Solutions

Ensure you are communicating effectively with your students to ensure they are well informed not only with your institution's plan for COVID-19 but also with alternatives for their learning and courses.

Alex Gage, Client Success Manager

With the high volume of traffic that informative landing pages are bringing in, it is the perfect opportunity to A/B test landing pages and forms with selective content or layouts. Using smart forms and segmentation, you can deliver personalised content that is supportive, empathetic and tailored to the particular concerns of either prospective students or parents.

Julian Pareja, Solutions Consultant

Watch now, or get in touch to find out how Akero can support you through these uncharted waters. 

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