Introducing Personality Based Advertising

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Our personalities shape how we engage with the world around us. Different personalities respond to different stimuli.

The scientific evidence is consistent and clear: the effectiveness of advertising is improved by tailoring it to people’s psychological profiles.

Akero now harnesses personality profiling to help inform targeting, platform selection and messaging to improve performance within its AI platform.

Akero uses the gold standard of individual profiling, the OCEAN Model, otherwise known as the Big 5 Personality Traits. The Ocean Model uses advanced statistical analysis to break personality down into five key dimensions;


Each of the traits represents a spectrum between two polar opposites (e.g extroverted vs introverted). Dimensions are neither positive nor negative, each end of the spectrum brings its own costs and benefits that are associated with a unique set of motivations.

Akero’s personality modelling allows clients to interactively weight each of the dimensions to match their audience type when creating campaign briefs.

Akero’s platform then blends these dimensions with its AI (powered by billions of advertising data points from every search engine, social media platform and thousands of lifestyle and news sites) to inform and support advertising choices and campaign messages.

If the average person is exposed to over 5,000 adverts every day, presenting targeted advertising that engages with the personalities of the audience is what wins a competitive edge. Akero AI has changed the way we target and converts audiences on the right media, but we have already changed the game again by layering our AI with our personality profiling.

Steve Evans, CEO Akero

If you want to know more about how personality-based advertising can be built into your next campaign, get in touch.