Six Easy Landing Page Tweaks to Generate More Leads

3 min read

Do your landing pages suffer from abandonment issues?

The tiniest decision such as your choice of wording or where you place certain elements on your webpages impacts the experience your visitors receive, which can affect their decision to either engage with your content or leave your website entirely.

We spoke to advertising campaign experts at Net Natives and Akero to find out what tweaks brands should do to their landing pages that will improve performance. 

Copy & Messaging

“Make your page socially relevant – many universities in the past couple of months have been harnessing the social hype surrounding Pokémon Go to create pieces that are relevant, engaging, and attractive to students.”
Lizzie Clark, Higher Education Digital Consultant at Net Natives

“Address a problem and then follow up with  a solution. For example “Are you unsure where to study next September?” could be followed by a solution;  “Register for our October open day to tour our new campus and speak to tutors about your course options”.”
Zoe Bretton, Further Education Digital Consultant at Net Natives

Design & Targeting

“My top tip focuses on the most basic but often forgotten element of design – hierarchy of information. First and foremost, make sure your audience knows what action you want them to take. Important information and call-to-actions should be prominent and clearly defined. Use lists and bullet points and make sure your enquiry form on the page is visible, placing it above the fold so that your audience doesn’t have to scroll through mountains of information to find it.”
Charlie Penrose, Head of Creative, Net Natives

“When using one landing page to target several countries incorporate a drop down list featuring countries of origin within your forms. That way you’ll be able to create follow up automations that are personalised with country-specific and relevant info. This is ideal for promoting in-country events / university visits in those areas.”
Natasha Hutchinson, International Education Expert, Net Natives

Dynamic Content & Attribution

“Your visitors are expecting a personalised and convenient journey through your campaigns. Increase the chances of them giving you all-important data using Dynamic Text Replacement to auto fill form fields.”
Alex Calder, Client Success Manager, Akero

“Be sure to give your UTM a clear campaign source such as ‘Facebook’ and campaign medium (e.g. ‘Standard, Video, Carousel, Amplified, Canvas’) so when leads are pulled through to Akero you’ll see which activity is generating the most leads.”
Sarah Lyons, Higher Education Expert, Net Natives