Announcing Slate CRM & Akero Advertising Partnership

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More than 1,000 US colleges and universities are now able to plug digital advertising straight into their CRM with the launch of Akero and Slate’s partnership. 

With a click, Slate customers can access billions of data points to forecast digital advertising outcomes and activate global campaigns across all major search engines, social media sites and over 100,000 brand-safe student specialist websites and apps. With campaigns that are personalised to each student throughout their student journey all the way into their enrolment and management in Slate.

More than an award-winning AI advertising platform, Akero is an agency in a box that seamlessly integrates into Slate’s CRM to predict advertising outcomes and track which media is most effective for enrolling students. 

Putting Slate customers in control of their marketing spend in a way they have never before experienced. 

Alongside our partnerships with Hubspot, Salesforce and MS Dynamics, providing measurable advertising performance through Slate integration has been fundamental for student marketers to get control of their marketing spends.

Alex Calder, Head of Technology & Partnerships, Akero

Akero is AI-powered advertising performance and marketing automation platform. 

Slate is used by over 1,000 Colleges and Universities to manage student admissions and enrolment.