Tailoring the Customer Journey with Data

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In 2016 over 9,000 more fostering households are urgently needed in the UK to meet demand.

With this growing number of new fostering families needed in order to ensure stable and loving homes, the techniques that fostering agencies are embracing to attract leads are becoming more and more data-driven and strategic in their nature.

Data-driven marketing in 2016

For an idea of how marketers are using data available to them in order to shape important marketing decisions, these statistics shed light on the current outlook:

  • Just 50% of marketers routinely apply data-driven marketing to individualise marketing messages and offers to enhance the customer experience
  • Two-thirds of businesses are seeing new customers as a result of data-driven initiatives
  • For 78% of marketers, data-driven marketing is either embedded or strategic

Crafting Customer Journeys  – By the Bridge with Cambian

Net Natives, the specialist digital agency behind the creation of Akero, have been working with By the Bridge with Cambian, a fostering organisation, since December 2015 to help them improve the relevancy of their campaigns to each key audience segment as well as the quality of the leads they generate.

What was integral to the success of their multi-platform campaign was ensuring leads were being qualified at the very first step. This was achieved by implementing conditional forms in order to provide faster lead qualifying for the team.

So, with Akero’s conditional form fields, a question was added to the secondary form that would provide the enquiry management team with extra insight into the lead’s present suitability, whilst still gaining their contact data for follow-up messages when they may be more suitable in the future.

With the help of Net Natives and Akero, the agency has generated almost 1500 leads, over 50,000 unique visits and an invaluable understanding of their multiple audiences.

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We spoke to Natasha Milsted, one-part of the fantastic marketing team behind the Cambian By the Bridge campaign, to discuss how they’ve used their data to create effective customer journeys, plus how the techniques behind their most successful campaigns to date.

Can you describe the differences between the marketing strategies for Cambian By the Bridge today compared to say, five years ago?

Fostering marketing has changed dramatically over the four years I have been working in the sector. For example, there is much more of a focus now on Return On Investment and driving efficiencies and the effectiveness of marketing tactics deployed.

The focus on lead generation is still the main point of interest, but companies are becoming much more considerate about the experience potential Foster Parents have and how they can put better support in place to move them through the journey.

What are the main things that you know about your customers that you didn’t know five years ago?

We now have a wealth of data available to understand why potential Foster Parents aren’t progressing through the journey, what barriers they face and what information they need to move forward. The historic lead data also allows us to profile our audience and run campaigns like lookalike audience campaigns.

How easy or difficult has it been to integrate technology, automation and personalisation into your marketing strategy? What are the direct benefits you’ve seen as a result?

As a company, we are at the beginning of using automation and personalisation to its fullest potential. Personalisation is key to building relationships with potential Foster Parents.

Akero has been a helpful platform for us to collate all of our digital leads in one place, before transferring them to our central CRM.

What have some of your most successful campaigns all had in common? Can you give one particular example?

Our most successful campaigns have been ones that talk about the emotive reason for fostering, but also make it seem like an attainable goal for everyone. Ad campaigns based around testimonials/Foster Parents experiences of how they’ve made a difference have always gone down well.

One thing we implemented on social media last year, was ‘31 Moments of Fostering’ – 31 foster parents and colleagues shared their special memories of fostering, a lot of which were identifiable from people outside of fostering.

What assets are used to keep your prospective leads engaged throughout the customer journey via various touch points? 

Being able to assign leads to a member of staff to ensure that all leads are dealt with in a timely manner within Akero is extremely useful. We’re about to make huge changes about how we keep prospective leads engaged, so it is early days to talk about this.

However, it should take some of the informal email and remarketing items we do and put into a planned structure for greater impact.

Are you looking for new ways to reach potential fosterers, streamline processes and increase conversion rates for your campaigns?

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