The Akero Academy is open: A new way to learn

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Introducing a new way to learn all the tips and tricks of Akero.

First things first: What is Akero Academy?

Akero Academy is a brand new learning portal, developed by the experts at Akero to introduce new users to the platform and teach you how to get the most out of its features. 

The academy has been designed to complement Akero’s other support options, with professionally-produced video training courses using illustrated examples, screen capture demonstrations and quizzes to ensure you can find what you need as efficiently as possible.

What can I learn with Akero Academy?

We’ve launched the academy with a series of preliminary courses, including three Akero Fundamentals courses to help new users get started. Once you’ve completed these, you can move on to the courses that relate to your use-case of services within Akero. These other courses cover the basics of landing pages, forms, workflows and email and SMS templates. You can also access Akero video webinars, roundtables and the entire Bitesize Live Demo series, all available inside Akero Academy.

How will Akero Academy continue to grow and improve?

Alongside the seven courses already available, we are already producing more behind the scenes, exploring both the expanding feature-set of Akero as well as best student marketing practices. There will also be two different levels of training, one for total newcomers and one for more advanced users. ‘Getting Started’ courses are designed to introduce beginners to a feature, providing a base level of understanding to help them engage with a particular part of the platform, while ‘Going Further’ courses provide in-depth detail for more experienced users. The ‘Going Further’ courses are currently in development, and will be prioritised based on user demand. Furthermore, Akero’s internal help library will also be updated alongside the academy to improve navigation and make sure that both support services are in sync.

Ready to start learning? Enrol in the academy today.

To find out more about the development of the academy and help library, or to suggest training materials that would benefit your institution, please get in touch at