The Akero roadmap update - February 2021

3 min read

We’ve been busy at Akero over the last few months, building new features to support our users, as well as planning our roadmap for the long-term (more on that later).

But, first, here’s a roundup of what we’ve added to Akero recently.

Filter by hidden fields

Are you using hidden fields to pass data from your advertising to your landing pages? This feature is especially useful if you want to log information such as intake dates alongside your contact records, or give your already engaged leads a more personalised experience.

Currently under Form Performance in Akero, any field that you decide to hide is excluded from the results. 

However, the results can be shown at any time when the filter icon is clicked and ‘Show Hidden Fields’ is selected. This feature will enable you to view all your results and understand any hidden trends. 

Unmark a lead as a test lead

We’re strong believers in testing your campaigns before hitting the live button, and it’s now possible within Akero to mark any lead as a test lead and vice versa.  

This can be done very easily by expanding the lead information under the Leads view and then clicking on the ‘Non Test’ button.

Export Form Field Options

Akero now makes it easier to export and reuse the same field options in a different form. You can do this with Export Form Field Options,  located under the Form builder. This is particularly useful if you're integrating your applicants into one of our many partner platforms such as Salesforce, HubSpot or Slate to ensure data consistency.

Whether your fields are select or dropdown lists, multiple choice fields or multiple checkboxes, the tool can export them to your new form. 

Change Contact Score

The new feature gives you the ability to change a Lead’s Contact Score based on their journey within Akero. This will help you increase conversions as it will enable you to prioritise your outreach to your contacts. The tool also enables you to customise your own scoring system and apply it to all of your contacts throughout your recruitment process.

Text to Speech

Akero Forms just became more accessible! The Text to Speech software will read out the text from different forms to those who need it.

This new addition to the platform will help make your communications more accessible, enabling people who are blind, partially sighted or with learning disabilities to hear the text and understand it.

2021 roadmap

And that’s not all; we’ve got big plans for Akero in 2021 and beyond. If you’d like to have your say on new features, or the direction Akero should go in, please send us your ideas.

You can submit feature requests through the Product Updates icon at the top-right of the navigation bar in Akero: no idea is too big or too small! 

We’re really looking forward to the rest of the year and sharing our exciting developments with you all. If you’d like to speak to one of our experts about what’s coming up, or how to use our new features, get in touch today.