Three Clever Landing Pages & Forms You’ll Want to Copy

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Did you know that getting landing pages built and tested is one of the top five challenges faced by B2B marketers? Moreover, conversion rates typically range from 1 to 3 percent.

More and more businesses are seeing the benefits of single-use landing pages as part of their campaigns to capture data through strategic targeting.

If you’re looking for new ideas to inspire your next campaign, let the below hugely-successful examples guide your creative thinking and invent new ways to capturing valuable data from your marketing.

1. Orion Waste Management

Result: Over 200 enquiries via Contact Us by utilising Conditional Forms

What they did:

Orion were looking for new ways to decrease the number of partial form-fill and create more relevant experiences for their web visitors. In order to fulfil this objective, the team incorporated conditional form fields into their Contact Us page.

Conditional form fields allow you to build rules that define which and when fields are displayed to the user, dependent on the information they input. The visitor’s journey is individually tailored even as they fill out their data.

Laura Warren, Marketing Manager at Orion Waste Management, commented: “The conditional fields gives the team all the information they need to get the message to the right department fast and allows us to personalise the experience for the user.”

What you can learn from it

If you are searching for ways to encourage your audience to complete forms, then conditional forms are for you.

The added flexibility of conditional form fields will ultimately lower your abandonment rate and allow your users to skip irrelevant form questions. Conditional forms also ensure that you gather optimum data for your campaign whilst not deterring users with large forms and irrelevant fields, ultimately providing an enhanced experience for the visitor.

For more information on how to use conditional forms, click here

2. Salons Direct

Result: 1.5K leads through one single Facebook competition

What they did:

Salons Direct are a leading stockist of professional hair products and beauty supplies for the salon industryIn order to create more meaningful relationships with their audience, they ran a succession of creative social media competitions that sat across their digital and social media channels.

Market research told the marketing team at Salons Direct that Facebook generated the majority of social referrals, which meant that this was the channel where they were likely to see most traction from their lead generation campaign.

A simple social app using an Akero template was created using strong imagery and convincing copy and published directly to their Facebook page in the form of a mobile-optimised app.

What you can learn from it

Although competitions are generally more favoured amongst the B2C sector, they can still work wonders for those on the other side of the coin. Competitions are a rich source of data capture, and by understanding your audience by providing the right giveaway, you can generate many leads for your business.

But remember, you have just captured first party data via your competition, so it is crucial that you utilise the data to contact entrants once the competitions have closed.

3. Remarkable Content

Result: 30 whitepaper downloads in one week

What they did:

According to industry research, 83% of consumers said that they use whitepapers to directly influence their buying decisions.

In order to attract new leads through thought leadership and education, Remarkable Content built a single landing page with the single objective of generating downloads and capturing lead data.

The landing page, which utilises strong visual imagery, was created by using a simple template which had been purposefully designed to strike intrigue and lead the eye from left to right, eventually encouraging them to fill in their details.

What you can learn from it

Creating content that answers a question or provides a potential solution to a problem will always be highly appealing to any audience, and this campaign demonstrates this perfectly.

Incorporating questions into your marketing campaign is a great way to show your audience that you understand their pain points and are ready to provide relevant content that solves their challenges.

TIP: Increase the chances of conversion through added personalisation on your landing page using Dynamic Text Replacement. More on that here.


In order to create more successful campaigns, businesses must move from focusing on the number of leads they generate to the quality of leads that they are attracting.

Adding second part forms as a means of creating market research is an excellent way to learn more about your audience, as well as checking your Google Analytics to see the types of social media platforms your audience inhabit.

Knowing ‘what good looks like’ will guide your strategy and help to create landing pages that collect the data that you need to fuel your KPIs.