Our recent agency martech survey found that the average number of pieces of martech used by agencies was a whopping seven! What would you do with the money your agency could save?

Akero was built solely for marketing agencies: our advertising infrastructure features exist to track and improve agency advertising and marketing performance… sounds good, right? We save your agency time and money by combining features that you would otherwise have to purchase different pieces of software for.

Akero is packed with features built to save your agency time and increase efficiency, here are just three of our favourites…

Improve advertising campaign results with Akero Click Tracker (ACT)

Agencies can use Akero Click Tracker (ACT) to track, compare and optimise paid marketing links in one place – simply choose your platform, create the link and then use it in any associated digital advertising activity. ACT can even be used for organic activity such as email and social media posting.

Because ACT standardises the UTM tracking method for all sources, by using it you can ensure that any tracking is consistent with other tracking solutions, like Google Analytics. ACT eliminates the same source showing as multiple different sources, e.g. “Facebook”, “facebook” and “FB”, because the wizard consistently tracks everything, and you are not reliant on the platforms themselves.

Our agency customers are using ACT to:

  • Monitor and optimise customer campaigns
  • Track sales and conversions to understand which campaigns are succeeding and which are struggling
  • Fight click fraud
  • Share results with their customers in real time (more on that below)

You can find out more about ACT here.

Utilise real time reporting and analytics

According to our survey, 59% of agencies do not use real time data to report on campaign results. Why?! Tools like ACT allow you to watch and compare responses in real time and optimise against human responses.

Moreover, your agency can save time by reporting on campaign results in real time rather than saving them all up until the end of the month, by which time they will be completely out of date. If you are running a month-long advertising campaign reporting results in real time saves time by allowing you to optimise the campaign as you go. Ultimately, the more reactive the approach, the more successful the campaign.

Reporting in real time also allows you to build trust and transparency between your agency and your clients – look for marketing technology that saves you time and enables clients to see exactly what you are working on.

Agencies use Akero to understand how people interact with each campaign they run by viewing every touchpoint after the initial form or landing page submission.

Create Drag & Drop Landing Pages or Microsites for every campaign you run

So let’s get back to basics for a minute. You should be using a landing page for every campaign you run for your clients, whether you aim is to raise awareness, generate leads, make sales or run a promotion for them.

A dedicated landing page will help visitors know what action they are expected to take and a personalised experience means they are more likely to take that action, generating more leads for your clients as a result. Perhaps most importantly, it also means you can quickly and easily track everything back to a particular campaign.

Landing pages made with Akero’s Drag & Drop Editor are optimised to load faster than those built on any other competitor software, you can find out more about that here. Or download our guide to landing pages to get all the top tips for creating the most highly converting landing pages. Here are some quick wins for high converting landing pages:

  • Keep the form above the fold
  • Reduce distractions
  • Use second part forms
  • Give them next steps

Finally, did you know that as well as creating beautiful landing pages with our state of the art Drag and Drop Editor you can also build microsites for your clients? Microsites are perfect if your client has a particular service or product to promote and with Akero these can now be built in minutes.

How Akero works for your agency

Our unique ‘pick and mix’ system is completely flexible and means that your agency can easily select the features which are relevant to specific clients, charge out to clients as you wish to and make a profit. Why not take a free, no strings, 30-day trial to find out more?