Expert top tips for a final enrolment boost

3 min read

Navigating through these strange times is no easy task, but with Akero, we can help you make smarter, more effective decisions in order to get the results you’re looking for. Here are some of the things our experts want you to know about to help boost your enrolment figures in the final few weeks before term starts:

Segmentation and tailoring 

Engaging and attracting the student audience as a whole is near impossible when the confusion and chaos of Covid and government policy is causing more individuality in students’ situations than ever before. Your comms and adverts may talk to some, but not to all. That’s when creating lead personas to send comms tailored specifically to each student, and adapting quickly, is essential. 

You should also be analysing your forms to identify potential bottlenecks and remove them (for example, think about unnecessary required fields), reducing the risk of drop-off. This will all contribute to making the complex process of engaging students as smooth as possible once they come to your site. Don’t put them off with clunky forms that simply take too long. 

Target and retarget some more

Similarly, as your Clearing students’ data continues to come through to your dashboard, don’t forget you will need to keep nurturing them through to enrolment - students are increasingly less decisive than in previous years. Target them post-Clearing with relevant comms via email and SMS to push them along to the next stage.

Students in the ‘Lost’ pipeline stage can be retargeted and gently nudged out of that space, and the form and page performance features will be there to improve form submissions, landing page speed and layout. 

Got a text! 

And talking of SMS, sending automated text messages is a very useful tactic for time-bound situations. It’s a great way to quickly update your contacts, for example, a restriction on your event or change in circumstance following a new Covid-19 restriction. Even better? 98% of text messages are read within three minutes.

Using personalised email templates will also allow for smooth and personalised student journeys, saving your team time, and ensuring they can see what is working and what is not. Keep reviewing your Open and Click-Through rates and take that forward with you when you’re developing your post-Clearing comms plans. 

Feeling overwhelmed? Use the visual pipeline view in Akero as a representation of where your prospects are in the Clearing nurturing process, and let the technology do the hard work for you. And then attach your funnel to appropriate and specific workflows and optimised email templates, to get those students through your door.

If you would like to understand more on how Akero can help you nurture your students and turn 2020 on its head, get in touch or start building your first AI powered media plan, with guaranteed performance forecasts, now.