Top tips to increase conversions this Clearing

In the lead up to Results Day, it’s vital to not only think about your advertising but also what happens when your hard-won awareness translates into a form submission.

Your advertising campaigns will have started long in advance of the day itself, so it’s important to think about what leads are going to be doing in the interim.

Ask the right questions, at the right time

Marketing is all about questions - but it’s not as simple as your audience asks and your institution answers, you will also be asking a lot of questions of your audience, and the answers they give can give you great insight into how to improve your campaign effectiveness.

The question you’ll need to decide on is what are you asking your audience to do?  For example, if they’ve come to your Clearing landing page in July, how are you going to keep them engaged until 13 August? 

One good way to do this is to ask something of them. For example,  rather than having a phone number that won’t be live until the day itself, put a form in there with a call-to-action around booking a call to discuss the prospect’s options.  

You could use a date and time picker for the student to select a time for a callback or even a tool that integrates into your enquiries team’s calendars so the time can be scheduled directly with the relevant team member.

That way you can start having good conversations with your prospects in plenty of time for them to decide whether your institution is right for them.

Think student

But, at the same time, you’re also beginning to understand what your audience is thinking about.  For example, do they need more reassurance around the COVID-19 safety measures that you’re putting in place, are they worried about what the social life will be like, do they have access to the right equipment to make online learning a success…

All this insight feeds into the next recommendation, implement a nurture strategy to keep your leads engaged over the next month.

This nurture strategy could consist of numerous touchpoints for emails to webinars to one-to-one Zoom meetings.  The goal would be to ensure that the prospect is thinking about you and the future that they could have with you. 

Some examples of content that we’ve seen strong success with are emails that show student success stories in the same field that the prospect has expressed an interest in. So if you’ve created a segment in your marketing tools for all leads that are interested in your history courses, then make sure that they get content showing the fields that those students have gone into, rather than your successful science graduates.  Personalisation increases conversion by up to 20% so make sure you’re taking advantage of it. 

Other successful touchpoints are video calls and online events with the relevant academics.  There are some great platforms out there that allow for multiple rooms so that students can self select the talks they want to hear and the conversations they want to have.

Finally, it’s important not to rest on your laurels when Clearing’s over.  Make sure that you’re utilising your marketing tools to reach out to those that didn’t choose you to identify the reasons and trends. All of this audience data will be incredibly useful when you’re planning for 2021

If you need any help getting your nurture and conversion strategy set up for Clearing, get in touch.