By using Akero, you’ve always been able to track the individual against the specific advert, but now you can use Akero Click Tracker (ACT) to track, compare and optimise all your organic and paid marketing links in one place. Improve performance, increase conversions and fight click fraud.

ACT is incredibly simple to use:

  1. Create a tracking link (our record is three seconds)
  2. Use that link in your advertising and all digital marketing activity
  3. Watch and compare the accurate responses in real time reports in Akero and optimise against human responses, not bot traffic
  4. Get better performance
  5. Repeat

ACT: the marketing campaign auditor

ACT works independently to audit your activity (not like Google or Facebook) meaning it is completely unbiased. With ACT you can track all the metrics that matter including:

  • Total Page Views
  • Total Clicks
  • Unique Clicks
  • Unique Page Views
  • Bot Traffic
  • Conversions

And it doesn’t stop with advertising, ACT can be used to track all digital marketing activity, such as email campaigns, social media and blogs.

ACT ensures that any tracking is consistent with other tracking solutions, like Google Analytics, as it standardises the UTM tracking method for all sources and makes it easy for any marketer to set up agency-level tracking on all campaigns.

ACT eliminates the same source showing as multiple different sources e.g. Facebook, facebook and FB, because the wizard consistently tracks everything, and not the platforms themselves.

Akero users will already be familiar with our unique ‘Contact View’ where marketers can view every campaign touchpoint an individual has interacted with. The great news is that ACT is fully integrated with this to ensure a ‘true view’ of each and every contact.

At Akero we are proud of our customer led roadmap. Quite simply, we built ACT for marketers (our users) because they care about tracking campaign performance by independently auditing their channels.

Our agency customers are using ACT to:

  • Monitor and optimise customer campaigns
  • Track sales and conversions to understand which campaigns are succeeding and which are struggling
  • Fight click fraud
  • Share results with their customers in real time

“ACT enables us to build trust with our clients because we can optimise campaigns in real time, and accurately measure ROI to report on client spend, providing full transparency. Being able to monitor campaign success in one place has revolutionised our agency’s advertising infrastructure.”

Tom Setter, Net Natives Head of Global Advertising

Book a Demo of Akero today to find out how your business can benefit from utilising ACT and the other market-leading features Akero has to offer.