Why do institutions need marketing automation in their lives?

Ok, the new academic year is now underway (we can feel the freshers’ flu in the air already), so be sure to take stock and double check that you’re doing all you can to top last year’s enrolment figures.

Your campaigns are planned, the Open Days are set, but how are you going to bring it all together? Marketing automation, that’s how!

Marketing automation is an education marketers best friend, all year around. The technology that does this is vital in making sure your university can: nurture student applications (through the conversion funnel), keep leads warm and generate as many quality student applications as possible. You also need to be able to report on what is actually working and have access to the data that matters.

If you’re not embracing technology in your marketing, then here’s why you should:

Data capture

It’s all very well and good having a high CTR, but if you’re not accurately capturing their data then how are you going to be able to transform their initial enquiry into an enrolment? Build customised forms, which can feature on a bespoke landing page, to get the information you need.

Capture forms are ideal for Open Days; a prospective student who attends one is much more likely to apply, so needs to be given a higher lead score than those who don’t.

Lead nurturing and scoring

Once you’ve captured your leads, via your ‘Grade A’ data capture forms, you then need to look at how you’re going to nurture them. Use your  marketing automation platform to set up emails, which are tailored to each lead’s various activity and interaction with your content. Emails, triggered by a custom workflow and dependant on a prospective students recruitment journey, are a great way to keep them interested in your institution – before they officially enrol. You might want to provide them with additional prospectus information, syllabus outlines or new Open Day dates? Be creative and think outside the box.

Tracking and reporting

Marketing automation software gives you the power to identify the strength of each campaign you run. Look at which campaigns have given you the highest number of leads, and evaluate what worked and what didn’t. Tracking the lead journey from every student who engages with your form will allow your institution to get an idea of who’s interacting with you; perhaps this will have a significant impact on the style, messaging and approach to your advertising campaigns? One of the many reporting features available on Akero is ‘form abandonment.’ This smart feature lets you see when students stop filling in one of your capture forms and, dare we say it, lose interest – this intelligence is going to give you a real insight into how your form is designed and view by the student audience.

The campaign dashboard, via our reporting hub, lets you see the cost of each lead and will, in turn, give you the ROI needed to report back to your institution’s key stakeholders. Proving the efficiency and success of your campaigns is always a great way to justify more budget for the next academic year.

Joining the dots

Automation technology is great for bringing all teams, with the student recruitment family, together at an institution. The transparency between the marketing team and the admissions team improves when each department can have access to the data. Everyone can see the hottest, and most active, touchpoints and not waste time contacting and networking with leads who are colder. Instead, the marketing team can analyse these leads and perhaps look to ways they can re-engage with these students.

So, tell me more about Akero?

Institutions use Akero (and our suite of technology solutions) to maximise the impact of their campaigns. Track and report on the student data that matters, from impressions to a specific touchpoint, and improve conversions through bespoke landing page creation, complete with A/B testing.