Campaign Tracking

Monitor and optimise the success of campaigns in one place by tracking multiple actions such as clicks, page views and conversions.

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Truly Understand Campaign Performance

Generate rich insights from every lead. Understand the quality of conversions that every advert, ad group, banner or source provides and use that data to refine your messaging and targeting.

Ad groups and UTM

For all the power of advertising platforms like Adwords, DoubleClick and Adroll, they simply can’t show you the quality of each lead that converts. Akero automatically associates UTM tracking data to every Lead and allows advertisers to slice and dice campaign responses by Lead Score, Social Influencer Score, Demographic Data or simply the Lead Data provided via the conversion point.

Akero Click Tracker

Track, compare and optimise all your organic and paid marketing links in one place. Improve performance, increase conversions and eliminate click fraud. Use the Akero Click Tracker to build tracking links that will consistently and independently audit your digital activity to give a ‘true view’ of each and every contact.

Landing Pages

See every lead generated through a landing page – whether or not they came through advertising or other mediums like email or SEO. Understand which segments the landing page is most successful for by analysing the demographic data of those converting. Use these insights to build high converting landing pages that target individual prospect personas.

Get a true view of each and every individual

Akero’s ‘Contact View’ gives marketers a holistic view of every campaign touchpoint an individual has interacted with. See which links they’ve clicked on, which pages they’ve viewed, which emails they’ve opened, and so much more – all in one place.