Akero Connect

Get complete clarity on your recruitment funnel and reduce the cost of acquisition by up to 50%

your CRM

Connect your digital marketing spend to your enrollment

Identify and remove bottlenecks

Reduce the cost of acquisition by up 
to 50%

  • Connect every move a student makes through your funnel to reduce cost of acquisition
  • Connect your marketing efforts to your enrollment outcomes
  • Connect marketing and admissions teams around shared action
  • Connect systems usually working in silo (eg. Slate and your digital advertising channels)

What our clients say

  • “We’ve never been better positioned to effectively reach prospective students…. Akero has helped bring the Marketing and Admissions teams together in a way that allows us all to view the same data in real time. This tool has changed the way we operate.”

    Nina Kult, APR Director of Marketing & Communications
    Logan University

AI powered student media plans, powered by billions of data points that deliver guaranteed results