Want to know what the most successful student conversion strategies look like? 

Akero and Net Natives, the leading education specialist digital marketing agency, teamed up to create the 2016 Student Conversion Survey to find out…

The Student Conversion Survey has been created to uncover education marketers’ most successful (and unsuccessful) marketing activities, what technology (if any) they use to measure their marketing activities, and the biggest challenges they face in their day-to-day marketing tasks.

Over 70 institutions, and 104 education marketers took part, and the results were surprising. Here’s what the survey found out:

  • Almost half of respondents (48%) said they take 48 hours or longer to respond to enquiries, with only 7% saying they respond to enquiries within one hour.
  • Education marketers highlight CRM software as crucial to their conversion activities. However, only 63% of those asked said they have a system in place.
  • Education marketers list ‘liaising with wider team members’ as their most time-consuming activity. Given a choice, 32% would want more time for planning strategic marketing activities.

This comprehensive report contains vital tips for any education marketer that wants to improve overall engagement with key prospects, optimise their marketing activities for maximum success, and find more hours in the day for strategic planning.