Abertay University Marketing Automation

As a result of implementing clever workflows through Akero which incorporated all of the university’s top content and targeted the right audience, at the right time, Abertay enjoyed a 31.5% rise in Applicant Day attendees compared to the previous year.

The Business Issue

Due to inefficient comms around their Applicant Days, historically Abertay were missing a crucial opportunity to get potential students through their doors as well as developing a relationship with them.

The Solution

In order to drive potential students to their Applicant Days, it was at first imperative to understand what kind of messaging would work to encourage attendance and keep the University at the forefront of students’ minds.

During a consultancy session, the Akero’s Client Services Team spent time gaining an understanding of ‘what good looks like’ for Abertay University by running through the University’s existing content and working out what would work alongside seasonal content and messaging.

The team then went away and developed the ultimate workflow that would incorporate all of Abertay’s winning content – targeting the right audience, at the right time to ensure they were thinking of student life at Abertay at all the right moments.

After testing the workflows to ensure they were the perfect fit for Abertay’s goals, Akero’s Client Services Manager visited the University to run through how the workflow would generate Applicant Day visitors and show them how they could build their own marketing automations too.

By using Akero, Abertay were able to communicate with potential students with consistent messages that would lead to higher attendance at their April Applicant Days.

The Result

Attendees at Abertay University’s Applicant Days were up 31.5% on the previous year.

The Future

Abertay are continuing to build comprehensive workflows for future Applicant Days as well as Clearing Open Days and general enquiries.

Implementing the workflows within Akero has been a game changer for our Applicant Day marketing activity. Getting our first workflow off the ground was hard work but Alex and the team held our hands and went above and beyond in helping us. We’re delighted with the results.

Stella Hockey, Head of Marketing and Communications

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