Solihull Sixth Form College stands out on a small budget with Akero Advertising

Solihull Sixth Form College is based in an extremely competitive city for post-16 recruitment, with 11 FE options in the area alone, not including study options in the wider Midlands area. Combined with the challenge of ever-decreasing budgets and ambitious recruitment targets, they needed an innovative approach to stand out for their summer campaign and get the 2019/20 recruitment cycle off to a fantastic start.   

The overall campaign goal was to promote and drive registrations for their summer open day events. The plan was to run hyper-local, targeted adverts in the area of Solihull, with two campaigns; one aimed at students and the second aimed at parents and carers. 

The team at Solihull recognised that to achieve cut-through on a small budget they needed to be innovative. Using the recently launched Akero Advertising, they were able to create their own campaigns in-house, whilst using Akero Advertising’s AI capabilities to select the best advertising channels and distribute their budget effectively.

Akero Advertising gave the team control over every element of their campaign, from budgets to outcomes. And their personalised dashboards allowed them to review performance in real time, whilst receiving expert advice and campaign commentary from the Google and Facebook certified experts at Akero. 

The campaign directed potential students through to a specific landing page from which Solihull could track every click through to pre-registration. This enabled them to accurately report and understand which adverts and which creative were driving the most registrations. 

And the result?

The campaign performed well across all the channels and recommendations made by the Akero Advertising AI. The star of the show was the Google Search campaign, directing over 1,100 clicks through to the registration page, double the target KPI. 

Responsive search ads were also effective in securing open day registrations, with click-through rates of almost 12%. The dynamic search ads also performed very well, generating 20% of all clicks.

And, Solihull Sixth Form College went on to win the award for 'Best Innovation and Creativity' at the 2019 FE First Marketing Excellence Awards for this very campaign.

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