AT Still University, College of Graduate Health Studies - Reducing Cost Per Application and Cost per Enrolment with Akero automation

Prior to working with Akero, AT Still University, College of Graduate Health Studies was unable to track media spend against eventual enrolments or measure cost of acquisition. The school was spending hundreds of thousands of dollars without being able to track how each individual channel was performing. As a result, AT Still did not have the data needed to make well informed marketing decisions to improve campaign and enrolment performance. 

AT Still wanted to reduce Cost Per Application and Cost per Enrolment for their Doctorate of Health Sciences programme. To enable seamless and simplified omnichannel marketing, ATSU CGHS worked with Akero, implementing a two-way integration between their CRM system and Akero’s technology which transformed their marketing efforts. 

To help AT Still University make better-informed budget allocation decisions, Akero worked with the institution on a number of different elements of their strategy: 

Mobile responsive landing pages that personalised to the user: Previously, ATSU directed all their ads to course pages. Akero let them take control of their marketing with the power to create beautiful, fast loading landing pages with no coding required which were seamlessly integrated into their existing website, allowing them to test and use lead generation landing pages for campaigns.

Tracking lead quality: AT Still had no way of measuring the quality of the leads generated from their advertising spend. Lead response analytics, and lead scoring function helped understand how prospects interacted with their forms. Akero’s segmentation feature also allowed ATSU to compare lead quality by channel, providing them with the data needed to make strategic budgetary decisions. 

Optimising campaigns towards enrolments: By understanding where their leads sat within the decision-making process, ATSU optimised their marketing to ensure they were improving conversion rates at each stage of the funnel. 

ROI Tracking: Akero worked with AT Still to show the potential and power of a zero-based budgeting strategy, which the institution is now implementing. To achieve this, ATSU needed to understand how much it costs to acquire a student across each publisher that they were currently investing in. With Akero holding the advertising and leads data, and Slate holding the applicant data, aligning these two pieces allowed AT Still to track the true ROI of their campaigns. 

By having full visibility of the recruitment funnel for each channel, ATSU CGHS can now identify bottlenecks within each stage and optimise conversion rates throughout. If you would like to find out how we can work with you to your Cost Per Application and Cost per Enrolment, get in touch today.

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