Bishop Grosseteste University - full-funnel tracking to achieve zero-based budgeting

Bishop Grosseteste University (BGU) wanted to gain a better understanding of their advertising spend to achieve a zero-based budgeting approach to their marketing strategy.

Our approach

We wanted to gain a better understanding of BGU’s student enquiry journey; finding out where their most successful impressions were happening and tracking their advertising ROI against relevant enquiry micro conversions. However, their existing setup in Hubspot didn’t fully allow this insight. 

We set up an integration between Hubspot and Akero, meaning we could track prospects from initial form submission in Akero through the enquiry journey to Clearing Open Day attendance in Hubspot. All while linking the prospective student to the initial ad they clicked on. 

Using this insight, we identified the most successful post as BGU’s Facebook mixed media link post, which gained more than 60,000 impressions and 1,700 clicks. We then reviewed the specific ad that generated the traction, so the tone of voice, imagery and copy could be used across future campaigns to maximise conversions.


Thanks to the Akero/Hubspot integration, BGU were able to identify precisely which micro conversions (course page views, tuition fees page views, open and click rates on specific email nurture templates) were a direct result of their Facebook/Google ads, and therefore which tactics worked best. At the time of writing, paid leads have performed 200+ micro conversions and 26 sign ups to BGU’s Clearing 2021 Open Day, achieving the campaign objectives. 

Additionally, this new integration of their tech stack allows BGU to see which micro conversions proceed to prospects actually attending events, meaning they can track and identify every landing page, email template and online resource that a lead has clicked on or downloaded, essentially demonstrating the most effective touchpoints to encourage prospective students to attend their Open Days, and allowing BGU to strategically plan their 2022 marketing approach, making sure that their tactics deliver maximum impact on budget.  

BGU are now looking to apply this integration setup to their whole applicant journey for full visibility of their advertising performance vs number of applicants year-on-year, allowing them to allocate spend where it is needed and achieve zero-based budgeting for their marketing strategy.  

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