Edge Hill University: Something for everyone

Edge Hill University commissioned Akero to promote and advertise a total of 41 courses and course groupings with a relatively small budget using search activity. This meant that we had to work strategically to ensure the budget could be spread across multiple disciplines. 

Our objective was to grab the attention of students searching for a specific course degree (explicitly excluding those who are searching for the brand alone). We, therefore, needed to use a number of distinct ad groups in order to fully represent the institution and engage with their large and varied student audience. This was particularly relevant when considering the variety of contemporary programmes Edge Hill had to offer. We therefore needed to be strategic in how we used Edge Hill’s budget and resources, to ensure the campaign reached the right students, in the right places, at the right time. 

The strategy

We had to work strategically to ensure that no budget was wasted, to achieve results in an incredibly short space of time. For this particular course promotion campaign, we confidently opted for a tactic containing exclusively Dynamic Search Ads. 

As a result, we were able to cut down on the copywriting required, ensuring maximum budget was available for ad spend. We ran the campaign with 1 x DSA in each ad group, ensuring resources were available to bolster activity where required and allowing us to fully dedicate optimisation time to the tactics providing the best return.

The impact

By opting for DSAs, we were able to balance client expectations, needs and budget. The strategy allowed us to deliver the desired large-scale search campaign, while ensuring sufficient time could be allocated to this and the remainder of ads in this extensive media plan. In turn, we created a more efficient way of running this sort of expansive course search promotion for a client on a limited budget. It also allowed the campaign to be turned around from brief to go-live in a short time-frame, meeting the client’s need to get the ads in front of prospective students as quickly as possible. 

The campaign’s final results saw an impressive 461% lift from our initial CPC KPI. It attracted even more students to Edge Hill University, who now know there’s a course waiting for them that is perfectly suited to them as an individual. 

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