Filling up halls of residence even in a global pandemic, with AI

How Akero Advertising boosted bookings for student specialist accommodation provider Wilson & Sharp. 

The challenge 

Wilson & Sharp, a specialist student housing provider, wanted to fill their private student apartments in Bournemouth for the new academic year.  

But as Covid-19 continued to lock down the world, students were left unsure of what their September 2020 plans looked like, unable to attend open days and questioning whether living at home was a better fit; the landscape for accommodation providers was tough. 

The organisation had 189 rooms to fill, and not enough bookings or interest for the coming year, having always previously relied on organic traffic and enquiries alone. But Wilson & Sharp were new to digital advertising and didn’t know where to focus their budget, and they needed to move quickly to ensure their halls were fully booked for September. 

Expertise blended with AI

Blending expertise with AI, a personalised student advertising plan which recommended the best possible media selection for Wilson & Sharp’s desired outcome was delivered, while also guaranteeing the advertising performance. The campaign was run initially via Google and the Facebook family, targeting prospective students in the key geographical areas of Bournemouth and the South West. The AI optimised the campaign towards the best performing copy, image and video variations and pushed the majority of the budget towards the top-performing adverts, so that the campaign achieved the maximum ROI.

The impact 

Wilson & Sharp achieved 90% capacity through this campaign alone, which they then went on to extend, as they were so pleased with the initial results. With plenty of time to spare, they are now looking forward to the summer knowing that their apartments will be full, excited to welcome hundreds of new students in the new year. And now, they have the time to be more creative and strategic for their next campaigns. 

We were extremely pleased with the results of this campaign. Akero Advertising made achieving our objectives incredibly simple, and gave us guaranteed results on budget. The platform was easy to use, and combining the AI with the bespoke copywriting expertise available via Akero made this campaign a real success.

Craig Sharp - Managing Director, Wilson & Sharp

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