InnoEnergy use Akero Mail to Nurture and Convert

InnoEnergy increased their conversion rate by 6% by nurturing their leads with Akero.

InnoEnergy are pioneering change in sustainable energy by creating educational opportunities for those who want to work in a field that has a positive global impact. Their Masters School provides post-graduate programmes that bring together the ‘engineers of today’ with the ‘innovators of tomorrow’ and ‘connect them with a purpose’.

The Business Issue

Despite offering courses that have an international profile and offer great career prospects for students, InnoEnergy’s recruitment campaigns weren’t getting the results they were hoping for.

After first working with education marketing agency, Net Natives, on a new, data-driven creative concept and multi-channel advertising campaign, their recruitment drive began to run far more successfully, generating plenty of leads. But in order to get bums on seats, they needed to track these leads through the conversion funnel and ensure they were successfully nurtured into enrolments. This is where Akero came in…

The Solution

Using Akero and it’s integrated email marketing software Akero Mail, InnoEnergy were able to create automated workflows that sent targeted, timely and beautifully-designed emails whenever prospects filled in an enquiry form, in order to improve conversion rates to enrolment.

Akero Mail’s drag-and-drop modular functionality, combined with a branded template designed by the Net Natives’ creative team, meant that the marketing team were able to quickly assemble powerful and beautiful email campaigns (using branded templates designed by Net Natives’ creative team) without the need for any HTML or complex design skills.

With the integration between Akero and Akero Mail, InnoEnergy’s marketing team had the advantage of keeping all of the email responses and interactions in one place, allowing them to set up automated personal workflows to follow up and ensure that good quality leads were prioritised first.

The Result

By utilising Akero’s lead capture and email automation features together, not only did the team experience an increase in efficiency for managing their leads, but InnoEnergy also saw their conversion rate increase from 19% to 25%.

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