Trafford College use Akero to increase engagement

Trafford College were struggling to recruit apprentices. The user journey taken by people wishing to find out about apprenticeships with Trafford College was long and complicated. The website had no specific webpages dedicated to the different types of apprenticeships on offer, and there was nowhere for prospects to enquire about apprenticeship programmes.

This was likely to have resulted in high bounce rates, and a lack of tracking meant it was difficult for the marketing team to manage the conversion process effectively.

Creating a Streamlined User Journey

Using Akero, Trafford College were able to build a dedicated landing page that would act as a destination for their digital apprenticeships campaigns.

Not only did this page provide information on apprenticeships, relevant to the messaging of the ad they clicked through from, but also immediately reduced the learner journey to just one step between engaging with an advert and making an enquiry.

More Leads to Nurture to Conversion

With this new process in place, Trafford College saw a sharp increase in enquiries about their Apprenticeships programmes. 244 form submissions were made through the Akero landing page.

Each person who submitted an enquiry form on the landing page was stored as a lead within Akero, or a touchpoint if the person already existed within the system. From here, Trafford’s admissions team were able to qualify them and nurture them through the conversion funnel towards enrolment.

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