Tresham College use Akero for scalable results on open days

Tresham College of Further and Higher Education were looking for ways to improve tracking capabilities in order to gain an enhanced understanding of their leads, and consequently, create campaigns that were more relevant to them.

As part of their campaign to attract potential enrolments, the team were able to generate over 6.1K views and 1.7K enquiries into their open days.

The College are now able to keep in touch with more people and send occasional reminders; ultimately increasing the likelihood that they will attend an event.

The team utilised a number of automation features within Akero, including time delay and triggered emails depending on how their leads interacted within their marketing in order to provide highly relevant and personalised experiences each and every time.

They now have a greater chance to convert these leads into applications and subsequently, enrolments come September.

Akero was used to:

  • Effectively track where leads are coming from, so that they can optimise their marketing budget accordingly
  • Eliminate the need for developers or designers when creating campaigns for their recruitment strategy
  • Manage leads within automated workflows to increase the likelihood of enrollment.

We wanted to be able to track interest in our open evenings and events, as well as evaluate which promotion routes were working best at driving traffic to our events registration page. We have been using this ever since for subsequent campaigns.

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