West Sussex County Council Revolutionise Foster Recruitment

The West Sussex Council team have proved that it is possible to use technology to personalise the experience, whilst enabling people to enquire in a faster, more direct manner on a digital platform.

The challenge of simplifying the recruitment process, without compromising the quality of the enquiries that were being generated was solved by adopting Akero as their answer to these key issues.

Campaigns created used the Akero platform generated over 8.5K views, and over 100 conversions, whilst gaining an enhanced understanding of their audience.

Akero was used to:

  • Set a ‘digital by default’ ethos – residents were easily able to interact with West Sussex Council through advanced forms that instantly give them the information they needed
  • Save masses of time through utilising key automation processes
  • Provide complete transparency on how enquiries were generated, so that marketing budget could be optimised accordingly

Akero has been the catalyst in changing our recruitment and application process. We’re now capturing enquiries across all devices and platforms and using Akero automation to improve our time management and workflow

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